Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Why 250 words though?

Ugh!! Here we go again. I don’t really know how I am supposed to do this or what to talk about so I’m just going to ask why 250 word Mr. Sweeney. It’s already I have to babble on and on about things that happen in class and thing outside of class. I am completely out of topics. Now I have to babble on and on about having to babble on and on. I respect your teaching and everything but 250 words is a bit much don’t you think. I though blogs were supposed to be a short review about something that happen and has you own personal opinion. I feel like I’m writing an essay right now as we speak. See there I go again babbling about these long and blogs. It’s actually pretty hard making up topic to write about. And I won’t writ about the readings because that requires me to actually read them. And let’s be honest nobody actually reads those things. I read at least one and made a blog and in the process I nearly died of boredom. I don’t know maybe if the blogs did not have to be so long and I did not procrastinate it would be easier. (I highly doubt it) 

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